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First Priority: Safety

Rennia Aviation doesn’t restrict you to one type of aircraft. We ensure that you consistently have the right aircraft at the right time for your specific travel needs. Our attention to safety and detail is unsurpassed and sets us apart from other charter companies. We maintain the highest safety, maintenance and operational standards.

Why Choose Charter?

  • Depart on your own schedule  
  • Get there faster  
  • No lines  
  • Fly directly to the airport closest to your destination  
  • Perfectly sized to accommodate a single person or group  
  • Return at your convenience

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.  Land closer to your destination in comfort and style. Rennia Aviation is the right choice and perfectly positioned to offer the very highest quality in air transportation services.

Our Aircraft

Falcon 900-B

Crew: 2+1 cabin  

Max Passengers: 13  

Max Speed: 576 mph 927 km/h  

Max Range: 4.450 mi  

Max Altitude: 51.000 ft  

Cruise altitude: 40.000 ft  

Engines: 3  

2 Enclosed Lavatories, Hot catering with 2 ovens, In flight entertainment/flight map, 2 Berthable Sofas, Satellite Phone

Falcon 20-F5

Crew: 2+1 cabin  

Max Passengers: 9  

Max Speed: 536 mph 863 km/h  

Max Range: 2.530 mi  

Max Altitude: 42.000 ft  

Cruise altitude: 37.000 ft  

Engines: 2  

1 Enclosed Lavatory, Hot catering with 1 oven, In flight entertainment/flight map, 1 Berthable Sofa, Satellite Phone

Citation 550

Crew: 2  

Max Passengers: 8  

Max Speed: 463 mph 746 km/h  

Max Range: 1.500 mi  

Max Altitude: 45.000 ft  

Cruise altitude: 37.000 ft  

Engines: 2  


Aircraft Management

Rennia Aviation offers complete end-to-end aircraft management services

Think that owning an aircraft is too complicated? With Rennia Aviation, it could never be a more valuable and pleasant experience. We can assist you in determining the type of aircraft to best suit your needs, help you locate and evaluate aircraft to ensure you are receiving the highest quality for the best price, and design a custom management system.  Contact us today to get started. Aircraft management is more than simply maintaining an aircraft so it is airworthy. From the planning and initial acquisition of your aircraft to uplifting the fuel, Rennia Aviation gives you the “tip to tail” service you deserve as a proud aircraft owner.



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