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Jet Card Program

Land closer to your destination in comfort and style. Rennia Aviation is the right choice and perfectly positioned to offer the very highest quality in air transportation services.

  • Depart on your own schedule
  • Flat rates (No Surprises!)
  • NO large deposits required – pay as you go
  • Get there faster
  • No lines
  • Fly directly to the airport closest to your destination
  • Perfectly sized to accommodate a single person or group
  • Return at your convenience
  • *Annual membership fee of $15,000 required (limited time offer)
  • *All legs require a 2 hour minimum of block time for light – supermid jets
  • *All legs require a 4 hour minimum of block time for heavy jets
  • *24 hours notice must be given to guarantee flat rates
  • *Catering and car service are not included
  • *Flat rates include all taxes and fees except international handling and/or special event fees

Complete Schedule Flexibility

Our commitment to safety is second to none. We fully train our crews and employ top of the industry aviators and maintenance crews.
We leave on-time and stay on schedule. Our primary goal is to get you to your destination safely, ensuring that is accomplished in comfort and style.

Several Different Aircraft

Rennia Aviation does not restrict you to one type of aircraft. We ensure that you consistently have the right aircraft at the right time for your specific travel needs. Our attention to safety and detail is unsurpassed and sets us apart from other charter companies. We maintain the highest safety, maintenance and operational standards. We participate in internal and external audits of our safety and business practices, ensuring that we meet all regulatory requirements and sustain our exceptional record. This includes:

  • Strict adherence to federal regulations
  • Documented, consistent safety procedures
  • Ongoing safety compliance audits and assessments
  • Superior crew and maintenance training
  • State-of-the-art equipped aircraft including onboard computers and satellite weather

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