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Aircraft Management

Charter Flight

Think that owning an aircraft is too complicated? Think again! With Rennia Aviation, enjoying your own private plane could not be a more valuable and pleasant experience. For your convenience, we offer comprehensive aircraft management services in Florida, designed for a truly hassle-free experience. From the planning and initial acquisition of your aircraft to uplifting fuel and cleaning, we do more than simply maintain your aircraft so it is airworthy. Our team can assist jet owners in determining the type of aircraft to best suit their needs, help them locate and evaluate aircraft to ensure they are receiving the highest quality for the best price, and design a custom management system. What we offer is nothing less than world-class jet management, which you, as a proud aircraft owner, wholeheartedly deserve. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule aircraft management services!

Aircraft Management FAQs

Rennia Aviation offers complete end-to-end aircraft management services. Our team manages all of the details regarding jet management and aircraft maintenance, as well as any corresponding administrative tasks, leaving our clients to truly enjoy the lifestyle benefits of airplane ownership. Our attention to detail and thorough safety protocols distinguishes us from other charter companies.

Over the years, Rennia Aviation has owned, operated, and managed a wide range of different corporate and personal jet aircraft models. Our company’s wide-reaching experience within the aviation industry makes us highly qualified to handle, manage, maintain, and service all types and models of common, privately-owned aircraft. Learn more about our private jet company or contact us today for more information.

No! Our clients are free to choose their aircraft’s base locations. Rennia Aviation has the experience and personnel required for high-quality aircraft management services performed at any location. Contact us today for more information or to schedule aircraft management services.

Yes! Private aircraft charters can help offset the costs associated with private aircraft ownership. The choice to offer your private jet to other users for charters is entirely yours.

Rennia Aviation accepts private jets aircraft both with and without existing crews. If you do not have a crew for your jet aircraft, we are happy to provide you with pilots and other aircraft-related personnel.

Flight crews with Rennia Aviation are required both by law and our company’s policies to undergo continuous training in order to ensure the highest-quality services and optimal safety measures for our passengers and their aircraft. Our pilots are required to participate in recurring training on a bi-annual basis.

There are a number of different factors — such as the type of aircraft, the frequency of private and charter use, among other considerations — that determine aircraft management pricing and other related costs. Rennia Aviation provides the highest-quality aircraft management and aircraft charter services at fair prices for our clients.

Each month, our clients receive a complete statement that contains all of the financial activities associated with our aircraft management services. Our activities records are available to our clients and we are happy to provide any reports regarding our services upon request.

Aircraft Management Services

At Rennia Aviation, we strive to provide private jet owners with comprehensive jet management services, encompassing all aspects of ownership and upkeep. A few of the many services we provide include the following. Get in touch with us today to learn more about all the private jet services we offer and get a quote!

  • Flight Operations. These activities include coordinating classroom and simulator training for crewmembers, scheduling private flights from Florida, providing the flight crew travel support, arranging on-board food service and ground transportation, and much more.
  • Aircraft Maintenance. Our specialized maintenance team continuously monitors each private plane, providing extensive support to keep the aircraft in tip-top shape all the way around.
  • Flight Crew. Regardless of if you have a crew for your private jet, we work with owners to arrange for pilots and other aircraft-related personnel to operate their planes. Our team also takes care of administering payroll, employment taxes, and health benefits to manage ongoing employee relationships and conflict resolution.
  • Oversight & Compliance. Jet owners never have to worry about all the finer details of flight requirements — Rennia Aviation handles all domestic and international behind-the-scenes travel requirements to make every flight a breeze.

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