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About Us

Our Mission

Rennia Aviation is Florida’s premier private jet charter company that redefines the air charter service industry for the better. Whether it’s because of our meticulous “tip to tail” attention to detail or due to our wide selection of luxurious private jets, no other charter air carrier matches the high level of comfort and luxury enjoyed by our travelers. Every member of our world-class aviation team is faithfully committed to providing our customers with dependable customer service and the best value for their time and money. Next time you consider traveling — whether it’s for business or for pleasure — land closer to your destination in both comfort and style. Contact Rennia Aviation to get the right aircraft for you — at the right time and for the right price.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

There’s no need for our travelers to worry about safety. Rennia Aviation is committed to providing travelers the peace of mind they deserve when flying private with our company. Unlike other air carriers, Rennia Aviation is regularly involved in internal and external audits of our safety and business practices. Next time you fly private, schedule a private flight protected by the highest standards in safety and maintenance — fly with Rennia Aviation!